Minnesota Bat Removal

Although great for bug control, bats in your space pose health concerns for humans. We specialize in permanent Minnesota bat removal. All bats are removed quickly and efficiently at no harm to them. (we accept credit cards)

If you suspect bats may be living in your attic, give us a call. Since 2016, Crow River Bat Control has helped hundreds of homeowners throughout Minnesota permanently remove bats from their home.

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Permanent Bat Removal from Minnesota Homes

Since 2016, we’ve been permanently removing bats from homes across Minnesota. 

If you think you may have a bat problem, or have heard noises coming from your attic, it’s time to give the bat removal experts at Crow River Bat Control a call. 

Bats, while they may be cute, can cause serious problems to not only the homes they occupy but the folks that live in them. 

If you think you have bats that should be removed from your home, soffit, attic, chimney, or wherever they may be, give us a call. We’ll take care of your bats once and for all! 

For bat removal throughout Minnesota, Call Tom at (320)583-1429.

Bat Exterminators

Think you may have a bat problem? We safely, humanely, remove bats from your home (with absolutely ZERO harm to the bats!)

Bat Proofing

Removing bats is just the first step of the problem. When we remove your bats, we’ll bat proof your home so they don’t return.

Bat Infestation

Are bats infesting your home? While bats may look cute, they can cause serious problems to your home. 

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Bats Removed With No Harm

Since “Bat Extermination” is illegal and bats are actually really good for the environment (just not in your home), all bats are removed safely and humanely with no harm to the bats themselves. Once we’ve worked on your home, the bats will re-home themselves anywhere but your house. 

Attic Bat Removal

Bats make their way into homes, even homes that were recently built, in a variety of ways. Removing bats from an attic is one of the most common places we work on. We’ll permanently remove the problem bats from your homes attic once and for all. Additionally, once you’ve hired Crow River Bat Control, we shouldn’t need to be back. We’ll make sure your home is locked up to prevent any future bats from taking up residence in your homes attic.

Soffit Bat Removal

Just before bats decide to move into your homes attic, they’ll take up residence in the soffit of your roof. The soffit area is a very common and easy place for bats to live as over time, gaps can form between the soffit and the roof itself. We’ll remove bats from your soffit and make sure they cannot re-enter once we’ve safely removed them all. 

Chimmney Bat Removal

As a rule of thumb, if bats can get in, they’ll take up residence. One of the easiest places for bats to get into is in the chimneys of a house. Once they’re in, they bring a few of their closest friends. Pretty soon, it’s a bat block party in your homes chimney. If you’ve noticed bats around your property, they’re living nearby. There’s a good chance they’ve already found your chimney and have settled in for the near future. 

If you’ve got bats in any part of your home, give Crow River Bat Control a call or text. We’ll take care of them once and for all!  

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